It is quite common to discover millipedes within and outside your property. When located inside, they will more than likely be discovered in wet places. Outside they have a tendency to relish flowers and gardens. You’ll certainly find millipedes outdoors should you have compost or leaves close to outer walls. They merely desire damp dirt or simply a damp environment. Millipedes eat on rotting particles of wood they come across and dead leaves.

California Millipedes

Come Fall, you can begin spotting the millipedes start to migrate, leaving the environment they have identified as home over the past several months. It is said that the millipedes begin migrating to prep for winter weather, however if you have hefty rainfall you may notice them as well, because of being removed from their dwellings if it floods. When migrating you may start to observe the millipedes in your residence or place of business.

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Millipedes can be very troublesome but we’re here to help!

Protecting Against Millipedes

In case the millipedes find your house, your patio or porch is likely their first selection for cover. Nevertheless, they don’t stop there. They will effortlessly climb up the house, looking for a way indoors; in many instances an unseen crack or crevice, or any other hole the owner is not aware of. Having said that, it’s very helpful to examine the seals on all potential entry points of your home; on your doors and windows, air vents, garage doors, crawl space and cellar entries. In case your garage or another storage area is packed with containers and other items, clean frequently to stop millipedes from setting up refuge underneath your items and/or furnishings.

Millipede Tips For Prevention

Examine your exterior landscape and get rid of any excessive compost. You will need to ensure a gap that is at least 6 inches in between any basic foundation level flowerbeds up against the residence. You may want to eliminate mulch, leaves and grass to help make this happen.

Evaluate all of the screens in your property. Also confirm that any vent or crawl space screens are in exceptional condition devoid of gaps or damages that may allow unwanted pest access. The entry door should seal tightly and securely, that allows no space for unfavorable pests to enter; since they will when they can.

Take a look at and repair (if needed) the outside doors? weather stripping. When you notice weather stripping misplaced or any kind of impairment, it needs to be corrected. Basement exterior doors also need to have weather stripping; when you can observe light shining from beneath the exterior door, the weather stripping really needs to be changed.

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