Wasps are certainly a familiar stinging insect in the Huntington Beach community and one most are not very fond of, but prefer over more dangerous stinging insects. The appearance of a wasp is determined by the kind it happens to be but most feature two pairs of wings and pinched waists.

Some wasps are sociable and like to live in colonies, like bees, and may vary from 100’s to thousands in just one colony. Females are accountable for chores inside of the colony and look after the eggs. Solitary wasps are not going to want a colony since they would rather live independently and also lay eggs, however they do not stay with the eggs in the meantime.

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Huntington Beach contains both aggressive and parasitic wasps. The advantage to aggressive wasps is they defeat and devour many other irritating pests which they use to provide for their larvae. Parasitic wasps actually lay their eggs in a spider or caterpillar to ensure that the larvae will feed on the living host.

Wasp Control

You’ve most likely witnessed hostile wasps but not all the wasps are like this. Sadly, they will sting several times if needed. Even though they tend to be irritating pests to have, they actually do provide a benefit which happens to be assaulting the unwanted insects that put bounty and flowers at risk.

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