Mosquitoes are the source of more human fatalities than any other animal or insect. If you join this with the fact that the mosquitoes in Huntington Beach are better adjusting to the urban environments you’ll then see why we’re worried. Our mosquito control Huntington Beach experts understand these dangers and take the duty of safeguarding you very seriously.

mosquito control huntington beach

Mosquitoes biting you or infesting your yard? Call (714) 503-0380 to see how we can help!

Although pest professionals can lower the mosquito populace in the area, they aren’t able to deliver full elimination of mosquitoes. At Huntington Beach Pest Specialists, we make it our goal to decrease the mosquito population by 70-80%. We understand that our clients would love to be able to eliminate their mosquitoes entirely, but that’s not something that a pest control company can supply.

Mosquito Repellent

Once you opt to call one of our mosquito control Huntington Beach exterminators we’ll come out to inspect your property and the areas where you seem to get attacked the most. The purpose of this visual inspection is to identify the type of mosquito and their breeding spot(s) to take the appropriate action against them.

We will work to control the mosquito population at both larva and adult stages. In case you have recently been bit by mosquitoes then you’ll need to call our mosquito control Huntington Beach specialists at (714) 503-0380 today .